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Shaolin Johnathan Chpt. 2

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My 53rd movie.

Watch episode 1 before watching this one - it is required, or you will not understand whats going on!!!

I didn't expect for Shaolin Johnathan #1 to do so well! But seen as it did, I put in extra effort for you guys =D.
I put alot of effort into this one, and feel it has surpassed its predecessor in both animation and humour.

This movie was originally meant to be alot longer - but due to my 2MB restraining limit (cuz of my 50 movies) I couldn't make it as long as I had hoped - but its still over 3 minutes, and part 3 is coming soon!

Please review it, I appreciate, read, respond to, and take advice from all reviews.

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good job leaves me wanting

i only see one or two probs please let me explain

#1-- the mouths were a bit uhmmm odd (i.e. you could see the closed mouth under the open mouth)

#2-- some bits were not really fitting the whole aspect..perhaps im not in your mind so im not sure what was where but all in all good show FINISH IT DAMMIT i wanna see him do the SCREAMING PANDA PUNCH WHOOOOAHHHHHH *clean off the blood from his face* :)

ohhhhhhhh....i get it...

this movie is very good. i like how u used that effect that makes it look like an old movie. very cool and funny!

youre good,.. really good

i dont think it can bee bether just a bit longer and it would be in my fav.list
thx for me

wallpaperman responds:

:) thanks localnero


funny, but the episodes need to be alittle longer

wallpaperman responds:

mainly because of my file size limit of 2 megs =(

My long lost brother returns

I was nearly first to review this, but I paused it to go put-putting.

Again, you've perfectly hit the silly, cheesy quality of 70's kung fu films (it distinguishes Shaolin Johnathan from other Flash films) and thrown in some classic Newgrounds humor.

However, I still have my old complaints. I still think the main character should be a little more characterized than just orange with a simple head. Also, these are too short-but I'm mostly attributing that to your 2 MB limit (maybe you should think of clearing some room?)

Overall, another very funny entry of the Shaolin Johnathan series, and I'm waiting for the third-when do we see him fight the man with the black beard?

wallpaperman responds:

before he may face the man with the black beard, johnathan must complete his mystical quest, which shall be revealed in part 3.

thanks for the review =)

but before part 3 comes out, im having a battlegrounds war with some guy - so it should be a couple of days

Credits & Info

3.39 / 5.00

Aug 29, 2004
5:02 PM EDT