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Shaolin Johnathan

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My 52nd movie.

This is the reason I haven't submitted any movies in a looooong time, 3 weeks at about 3 hours a day on this movie =)

Yup, pretty obviously this is a old kung fu movie parody! yay! Film bofs will love it, people who have seen shaolin/kung fu movies will love it... n00bs will hate it, but hey, this parody is aimed towards all the people who deserve good movies =D

I originally meant for this to be MUCH longer, but NG has some rule against me submitting movies over 2MB, which sucks... so it has had to be split into parts, part 2 coming soon!

Please review. i'll respond =)


Old Skewl Kung Fu

I like this style, especially the grainy film effect, makes it feel like a real foreign kung fu movie from the 70's. Have you made the continuation yet? Or were you planning to? Hope to see it... Great job. Very much to my liking...

((( NOTBAD )))

I remember you, always with animations on fighting and swords, well this was decent and better then a few i remember of yours, it does have that old feel to it but thats the good thing about it, anyways nice job...



title sais it all but have to give you credit for the style


This film has no originality. It reminded me of the movie "Kung Pao, Enter the Fist" or whatever it was called. The graphics were poor, and the sound was just as bad.

wallpaperman responds:

yeah fuck you cuz you dont know a thing about kung fu movies, cunt


90 % of this flash is taken from Kill Bill vol.2
But your animation skill are quite good and this flash was well made so i give u a 4

wallpaperman responds:

not really taken from kill bill 2 - but the master was inspired by pai mei, and the hit down a tree =)

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3.33 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2004
7:07 PM EDT
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