The Kingpin

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A simple story of revenge turns into something more.
A movie with all the episodes of the series combined.


((( COOL )))

Well notbad, this was interesting and i remember seeing the others a long while ago, this is the first as i recall, very fast paced and lots of different scenes which is a good thing, but more dialog and slower momements are aswell needed for the full effect of the flash, but anyways i liked it and nice blood effects...



im sry, i meant to put a ten in "the knigpin ep:4" sry

It was an actually story!

Wow... It's been awhile since somebody actual madea story with violence... Not violence with a story. You could rewrite the lines a little better... but the last thing the main char said made me laugh... "i'll be damned" like it's not really that surprising. I liked it alot... the minimalist on the characters was better than I imagined.. The only peeve is that the fight scenes are too quick... Well, I'm of to see the others!!! :p

one heck of a flash movie

i liked every aspect of this flash and anyone who gives this a low rating has something wrong with their mind

violence the movie

awesome music, lots of gore and a pretty cool plot. only thing i didnt understadn was why the dude started killing people in the gay bar. i am not trying to make a stand about peoples rights. it just didnt make much sense with the rest of the flash. cool ending

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DrDeath2k3 responds:

When I was putting all the ep's together for this movie...I seemed to have left out a small part of text, which kinda explains it....=P

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3.45 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2004
10:03 AM EDT
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