effectomania upd.

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I made a few changes, which can maybe mean the difference between ...whatever, I don't feel like typing stuff.

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((( NEAT )))

The effects were cool, also like all the different kinds with the buttons and so-on, could have used some better type of backrounds, other then plain paletes, notbad though...


what the hell!?

that was uber weird, it was. i really didnt get the idea of it... well, if it was a test of those cool mouse sensative patterns, test = accomplished. haha.
the menu was pretty cool, as that walking mushroom stick thing was really cool looking.
but i do think that a lot of the patterns seemed very similar.
so overall, not a bad idea, and not a bad little interactive thingo... but there wasnt really much point to it.
overall score: 5.5/10
(THE THUMB: slightly up)


add some trippy sound and remove thingy 1 it will be much better trust me

that was pretty pointless

pointless, therefore: stupid. and i couldn't help but notice 'thingy4' and 'thingy6' looked the same. come on you can do better then that, if not, then i dont know


I voted out 2 just so I wouldn't BLAM you.. I've been using that far too much.. Look that was nothing.. You made a simple as script and a couple of circles..

Don't send more of this. Try to make something worth seeing not just some "mouse chasers" 'cause many people still have modems and ISDNs..

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3.05 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2004
3:46 PM EDT
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