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Okay, this is the most random thing I've ever done. One day, I started whistling a tune, and ended up writing sort of a bouncy song. Later, I decided to wrap a little animation around it. And here it is:

An afternoon in the life of Steve Whistler.
Crank up your speakers and watch it, foo'!

EDIT: Thank you so much for putting this on the front page. I owe everyone responsible a cookie.

And thanks to the people who enjoyed it. To the people who didn't, and are getting bent out of shape about it, I think you are hilarious. To think, it took so little effort for me to make you so angry.

It's just supposed to be a dumb, funny little thing. Save yourself a future ulcer and try not to take things so seriously.

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I remember showing this animation to my mother back in like 2007 and she thought it was hilarious, and we used to whistle the song that the guy sings as a joke.

I thought this wasn't bad. It was basically just a single joke. I mean, the animation wasn't that good. I guess I shouldn't expect too much with stick figures. I admit that it was at least unpredictable. I guess the voices were fine.

It just needed more. The tune was pretty good. I could tell this guy was up to no good. Is there any stick cartoon that doesn't have violence? They would just be forgotten.

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That's what you get for sleeping with my girlfriend, dickhead!

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Aug 27, 2004
10:23 AM EDT