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i need feedback to know how to improve this thing

also carl came up with the combination safe idea

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Nice game

Some graphics like the safe can be better looking. There were also some deaths with no screams or sounds at all. You should add more. thats about it

There was a bunch of options to choose from and a hel of a lot of violence.. Gj

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((( NICE FLASH )))

This was a good game, i like how you have lots of different options just like in the game, a way to improve on this waas to have some really odd and strange kills of your own, i know you had a few of your own but really make it something different and not so like the game, but anyways it was good and i had fun with it....


This could have been less sucky.

The animation was very, very blocky, it needs desparate smoothing out. It looks like your frame rate is at something like 2 frames per second. I should also mention that the classic "Safe falling on head" isn't, and never was, funny, and it definitely doesn't fit Mortal Kombat. It's decent, but not decent enough to not get Blammed.

Meh... *shrugs*

I'ts pretty funny, but very repetetive.
Good job on the backgrounds.
What game is this from anyway?


*Sleeping* Huh??? oh it's loaded ookay... *close*

thisguy47 responds:

fine whateva bitch