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Fred and Wolly DVD

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Author Comments

We had the suggestion to make Fred and Wolly into a submission with more than 1 episode. so here it is!!


P.S. The audio is played on event so the music can loop on the main menu. it used to be on streaming so the audio wud match perfectly. it seems to work fine on "event" but if we get complaints we'll fix it.

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lord of the buddys never would have thought of it


Keep up the work and you may become quite good

Hardly amusing

I failed to see the good side of your childish humour here, perhaps if the dog ran into a wall and the world they lived in imploded it would be worth watching. That way, theyd all be dead so they couldnt appear in episode two
The sound quality was shoddy, the animation was a bit off. Potential? Little, but there is some

Use your southpark watching in another way

I can tell you watch a lot of south park. This was the same sort of idea as south park, but it sucked. Coming from me, it truly is a statement to say something sucks. I say it on an extremely rare occasion. This is deserving of my statement, "It sucked. It sucked big time." Sorry. Good luck next time. My recommendation- do something different. Maybe a different style is a good place to start.

Stevemyster responds:

hey i like south park as much as the next guy. yes, ive heard the words "terrence and phillip" when ppl see fred and wally. but to tell u the truth. fred and wally started off as hands. theres a good 57 episodes of fred and wally on my camera. (my canon with 3 CCD, boo-ya) when i say hands, i mean like little guys using our middle finger and index fingers as the legs and the thumb as an arm. only about a week or 2 ago did i get the idea to make them look how they do now. the only reason theyre on flash now is because i wanted to share them with the ppl of newgrounds. i still do episodes with the camera, but i am getting into the flash versions. we're making a site for in the box, ull be sure to see episodes from the orginal fingers version of fred and wally.

thnx for the review

not too bad

the plots for the episodes are pretty good, but the excecution isnt very good.
theres a few key areas that you need to work on, i think.
1: the graphics - there needs to be more colour!! all movies should have decent backgrounds, and some colour. Also, in some episodes (such as no. 3) theres not much happening on the screen, so there just needs to be More graphics.
2: the sound - although half of what is said is pretty funny, the other half is inaudible. you really need to get a better microphone, to increase the quality of the voices. also, try to average out the volume, becuase i was continuously turning my volume up and down to hear things right.
so overall, the ideas are good, just try to work on the presentation.
overall score: 4/10

Credits & Info

2.86 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2004
1:04 AM EDT