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weebl and bob - band

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The revolutionary Jams form a band.

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You know, with a title like "Weebl and Bob-Band" I'd think it would be about...Weebl and Bob in a band. Instead, they only appear briefly at the end. I knew that would happen! I loved this episode really! I love how things escalate with the beans. Hammer time always works.

I don't remember seeing the jams before. This is weird even by the show's standards! Well, I don't know if I can call a flash series a "show". Either way, it's very well done. The length is just right too.

So, which one's the bassist?

Huh. The stoned jam sounds a bit like Lemmy Kilmister. Just a minor observation.


Said high jam.The usual score webbi.

Mc Jammer

Hammer Time

hey, stop...

HAMMER-TIME!!!!! lolololololololol