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Classic Zork Trilogy

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Three classic free text adventure games from the early 1980s and some extremely frightening ActionScript make, well, this. You can play all three full games in Flash. Save and restore functions are included.

Hopefully it's good for at least a little nostalgia!

(Note: To type in commands, click the blue area at the bottom to the right of the white arrow.)

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I am unable to eat myself successfully.

thank you so much!

heheheh, Zork, Livingston and Planetfall... fuck I miss my C64. I could actually code on that. ;( everything's so complicated now, I can't keep up. cry

Once upon a time, I bought the first 2 Zork games on Apple II floppies. These games seem to function just like the originals did. Don't bother clicking the 'Stuck?' button, though I'm sure there's a walkthrough out there for all 3 of these games... shame there's no medals. Lol, this game was made before the medal system!

These are some of the best programmed text-based games, ever created in the late 20th century, and as such they come highly recommended :) Hope y'all don't get eaten by a grue O_O

I love these types of games they really make you think for yourself instead of following a guide you get to choose how you do things. Do some more these games are very entertaining.