Spanky and sping-Legs rok

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Well I was bored before you ask
I am not on drugs
I am on happy!!
I made this after my other cartoon bombed but anyways enjoy!


not a bad idea

a nice concept for a movie, but it could have been better. for instance, colour. its the best thing since sliced bread! so get aqainted with it! heh. i really think that this movie could have used a bit in the graphics field. i mean, atleast some shading on the characters! heh.
the sound was pretty good in the movie, but the quality of it was a bit too low. The voices were pretty funny, from both sping + spanky and their legs. but the were just a little hard to understand at times. The guitar that came in occasionally was very good, it sounded like you played it yourself and recorded it. nice stuff there.
there wasnt too much animation in the movie, and that was a bit of a downer.
but overall, the movie was quite short, so it didnt require the coolest effects ever. it was quite funny, and had a good plot. but next time, just try to improve a little bit in terms of graphics, amount of animation and quality of voices.
overall score: 5.5/10
(THE THUMB: slightly up)

FDCrew responds:

Wow man thats a fucking review this is the kinda thing I crave creative reviews just reading this made me feel inspired and dieing to make more flash thanks man:).
Oh I was wondering if you could review my other cartoon carny folk and tell me where I went wronge.
Thanks for the review! Hope you will review carny folk:)

Not Gay

I will start off by saying that although this isn't the best flash I've seen, this is by far NOT the worst. I hardly think though that it's fair (or intelligent) to go around calling a flash you don't like "gay". If you don't like it say what you don't like, there's no reason to bash it. Not everyone is a master.

ANYway, sorry for the rant. Now, onto the review for the animator ^^ I would like to see more of your animation! This was short, but was cute. It didn't make sense to me, but that doesn't me it's bad. Things shouldn't always make sense. It can make it unique. I think you have a good start here. I thought the voices and the silly conversation were cute and they made me smile. I'd like to see you do something in color as well.

Anyway, don't listen to people that aren't even smart enough to give constructive critism, it's not worth it! Good luck with future animations! ^^y


uhhh yeah ...kk that was stupid ...and not only that is it supost to be funny??because i found it gay.

Somehow this was pretty good.

This is much better than "things that piss me off," an old entry by some douchebag who sucks at everything. I bring up this flash video because I can't think of any other good compliments right now. EVERYBODY GO WATCH "THINGS THAT PISS ME OFF." Give it a zero. Maybe it's been blammed by now.

Not Bad

Sweet and short....actually short and sweet...w/e...ne ways good job man it wasnt too bad. I enjoyed it.

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2.56 / 5.00

Aug 21, 2004
7:32 PM EDT
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