Worms level 1 (Upgraded)

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OMG! Thank you so much for all the reviews! I read them all. I have an idea for a boss at the end... a zombie dragon, shooting a mix of fire and blood.. Naway, those ones who have some difficulties whit the sword, try to aim before, becose you have to aim whit the mouse when using the sword to... Continue reviewing like that, and i will probably get a FP! I love you guys!

**LEAVE A REVIEW!! I love to read them all!**

KILL, kill, and... survive! This is the goal of that game. Some people will say that i submitted it 2 days ago, but if you really saw the first version, you may understand why i did that. So, have fun whit that little game!

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I guess that was alright for a quick play. I just didn't understand the point. It was the same thing over and over. I do like those worms. Well, I've seen some good stuff with them here. The music was fine.

I guess it was easy to understand. In fact, it was too easy. I guess I'm not good with these controls. At least we got to kill zombies in this. That's always a plus.

worms and zombie games in a nutshell

good combination by the way

Ooooh a worms tribute huh? Wow havent seen one of these in forever

Press game over and you win!!!