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space mission

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DDH+ @ psychedesire

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well done

i actually liked it good flash


YUP an amazing flash here....really great, the music is really good, the action at the best, i enjoy it!!! NICE FLASH DUDE!!!


great music, nice visuals. the action is a bit less. felt a bit too "soft". having no black lines around the characters gives a nice special effect. I'm wondering about the red "d's" though... did they have a purpose?
oh well,

Very Cool

Wow dude those were some of the best graphics on newgrounds and you had a pretty good story to go with it. I like your style it was crazy just everything that was going on was awesome just like all of the little screens popping up. I thought that the subtitles kinda took away from the great graphics though because I was spendin more time reading than actually watching the flash that kinda bugged me. The whole flash felt like a giant action scene right in the middle of a movie. The sound was alright I would like to see some voice acting I think it would help.

OVerall: Nice Graphics 9

Yup Greatest Flash movie ever

Never seen a flash movie so well animated.

Anyways I would love to see this turn into a game ;)