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This was a nice little short. The graphics looked a little sloppy but it added to the feel of the flash, plus I liked the moving adn nervousness of the one outside. Otherwise, I didn't carre for it too much. There were a couple of explosions much not much to get excited about, even though it was indeed fun while it lasted. The use of stick figures wasn't a great idea either.

i expected better

I liked the violence but the plot was lame. there was NO humor what so ever. I am truley disappointed.


hardy har har, nice work on a nice flash work indeedelerino! Though I think that you need to keep away from those fricken bombs, god damn, they are just always exploding! =)
I thought that this was a really cool flash work, and it was nice all the way through in every aspesct. Nice job


You gotta keep away from them fricken bombs they are always exploding, well that was a really cool and easy looking flash, nice work and i liked the backgrounds the best:P

I think I saw this a long time ago...

Maybe, maybe not. Anyways, for some reason, that one bomb siren reminds me of the THX sound. Man is that thing annoying.

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2.76 / 5.00

May 23, 2001
4:41 PM EDT