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Internal Fires

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by csscblackbelt2000
*NOTE- PLEASE READ* I didn't think I would have to be doing this (explaining my movie), but here I am. I am very surprised to see many people on Newgrounds today, especially most of whom reviewed my movie(s) are ver unintelligible. My Internal Fires episodes are not full movies. Thay are teasers/previews to the movie I am currently working on slightly modified in order to be capable of standing on itsown on Newgrounds. So everyone saying "try harder next time" or "make an ending," understand that these are not moves or episodes but again, previews.
Internal Fires - Driven by stravation, one man dares to show the world what he is made of. As a small child, he was forced into exile by the government when the Black Plague hit. Alone and without guidence, he lived in a local Vons, where he was adobted by seagulls and staying alive only thanks to Vons' freshy baked french bread at 5 P.m. Now he is ready to face society again. Images of his past haunt him to insanity and he forces himself to live in a manhole. There he finds many books and begins to self-eduacate himself. After many years in his underground home, he learns every language and martial arts technique. God, having pity on him, gave him the power to give death and life. Now, after countless hours of plotting, he is finally about to come out of his damp hole and seek his rightful revenge on those that took away his life...the government.

Unfortunately, the govs overhear his plans through one of the those all to many cameras they put in the sewers and send agents to arrest him. Despite everything he learn, he is out matched by FBI agent #12089 (guest appearence by Keanu Reeves), and mortally wounded. His memory is secretly erased and his body is thrown lifelessly onto the shores of Romania, coincidently his home county that he was forced to leave so long ago. This man of mysertry was then taken into the care of a amish couple (yes they have them there too). Unable to take their orthodox ways and due to his growing hunger for revenge, he flees and takes their family cow. Upon this cow he was able to aqiqure a visa, travel to Sweden, find he was going to wrong way, return to Romania only to find that he had taken the amish peoples' only source of food and that they had starved, travel to Canada and evenually decend to the US, where the cow cought mad cow disease and died.

Now with vengence of two countries, America for forcing him to leave his home country and Canada for letting his beloved cow get mad cow disease, he plots once again. With all the pieces finally in place and after countless years of his life wasted, he is now finally ready to take on the govs.

Before his big battle, he decides to make a pit stop where he can meditate and focus on the one battle he has been waiting for all his life... INTERNAL FIRES

This is a preview of another flash I am currently working on. Expect more, much more.


in vorbesc?

Ca idotule vorbesc Canada?

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

wtf mate?

i am from romania

Iupii sun roman!!1

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

It's times like this that I wish I paid more attention in my Spanish class.

its ok.

this preview seems to be pretty pointless but the story you describe sounds very exciting. hope it comes out soon so i can watch it!

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

The scheduled release date is January 12 2097.

I will let you know as soon as it comes out.

not bad, but...

It took me a second to figure out this was a loop.
The animation is good enough, but there seems to be little or no point, much less plot.
Still, this is a good start, so keep going with flash and I'm sure you can make some crazy-awesome stuff.
I am curious though:
What is this strange power he holds over flies?

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

Hmmmmm, usually it takes people longer than a second to realize that and even then, they won't. Wait a second...there is no loop in this one. Are you telling me that you only watched the intro part? It took me five minutes to make that intro part! It took me five weeks to make the actual movie.
Please go back and rewatch the movie. I worked so hard on it and everything.
Thanks for the good words though. That's what keeps IF going.
The flies are just a metaphor and mean a lot more than just a power over flies.
The strange power that all possess but is hidden until you learn to use it is the power of life and death. Once you learn to control these aspects of life, you can begin living it and have the best time of your life. Life will be long and meaningful. You'll live forever.
Now, that's not even half of the message of this animation. It's up to you and everyone else who watch it to figure that part out. I just gave you a little push.
good luck.


totally awesome! this movie is short, but it is a perfect loop^^
you realy have talent and the graphics is pretty.

csscblackbelt2000 responds:

hahaha, thanks man.
I will definately make more as soon as school dies.

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3.29 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2004
3:18 AM EDT