Cigerette Justin

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It has the fuckin awesome song, yeah, watch its fucking awesome, more Justin on the way.

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Not bad, but you could make it better!

The music was nice to go along with the "story", although you could have given us a bit more introduction to Justin. The ending was a nice laugh, and the movie wasn't so long that it wasn't worth waiting for. Sure it lacks some of the key things a flash should have, but overall, it's a good movie. Also, to make any flash movie takes at least SOME effort, and that i respect. Nice work man.

What the hell.

This had better be your first flash.. (I didnt want to check the others because it is highly likely that they are as stupid as this.)
If this isnt your first flash, then you seriously should stop making flash. It needs:
- A Plot
- A Prologue telling the viewer who CIGARETTE Justin is
- Something that tells the viewer what Justin is doing
- Longer movie
- Your own music.
- Good voice acting.
- Better graphics. (I can not stress that enough.)
- Dont call your own movies "Fucking awesome"
- Make the sequal already.
- Learn how to spell.
You could use some improvement. (Some? Ha! You need a lot.)


YOU GOD DAMN RIGHT.. what two bored fucks can come up with eh.. cigerette justin remake mafuckas n'amsayin?

Great music....movie blows

The great thing about this movie is the music...

SMEGMA!<- it is a word. look it up.

There were too many things lacking in this 'movie' to list, but here are a few: Style, Story, Sound, and some other S's... maybe a Snake... or a Salad. But I'm getting side tracked here. I gave you a honest one, sorry but you deserved it. Keep trying and develop your skills more. Flash is like the Force and your not a Jedi yet.

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1.93 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2004
2:51 AM EDT
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