Science Fiction Garbage

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just some garbage i did for school



Nice animation, but this video makes as much cence as the sentence: This sentence is a lie.

I'll bet no one's seen this in two years...

...Which is a bit of a shame, really, because this particular animation has so many oddities that it would take too much time to even begin to describe it. So I'll just cut straight to the opinions.

By today's standards, the animation on this is a little lacking, although some parts are obviously better animated than some. The humor manages to keep up with the sense of utter randomness as Dimensions shift and a dismembered hand adds Mustaches wherever it pleases. The whole thing flows really well without any -major- breaking points. A very good submission in its own right.

Ok what the heck was that?

Id love to see a story that makes cence go with this awesome animation.

MOONYyy!! WHYyyy!!!!

Complete in:

o randomness
o madness
o Sassy Time Machiness and
o Alternate Dimenionessness

okay, check and ckehk. Luks gud. Key'p it up m8.

ps, whens the sequal coming out? I'm dying to knwo what happens next!

Best ever...

I still to this day have never seen a better flash movie and i dont think I ever will its just so damn funny. Me and my friends quote lines from this all the time. Keep up the good work.

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3.67 / 5.00

Aug 18, 2004
10:06 PM EDT
Comedy - Original