Blood on the Walk

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This is a creative little short, using only black and white, not even grays were used. This was inspired by the audio track that is in the animation.

I hope this makes you think.


((( COOL )))

This was short but was very neat, i like how it is in black and white style and giving a sorta meaning with the dripping of the blood and with the music it set the tone of the feeling it represents, there could have been some more detail, maybe even making the blood red and the rest black and white could have been cool, but overall it was neat so nice indeed, keep up the great flashworks...


Magosis responds:

thanks for the praise this was origionaly done for the black and white artist colaberation in 2004, but it was not accepted into the main peice so i submitted it as a seperate project.

very symbolic

Thsi was very symbolic, I don't think I caught all the emanings. I did catch a few thigns. The animation is done very well. I think it may be about the strugle of lfe. I could be wrong.

Magosis responds:

that is part of it, i tried to pack alot of symbolism in and it also represents how i was feeling at the time.


What a sad movie though. =( I think its got a moral too!Lets see,hmmm,how about "dont care about people you dont know",lol,or the other way around,anyways,keep up the good work!


Magosis responds:

heh that was the point ^^ glad you liked it

I did not get it...

Very strange and unique flash of a struggling man and how nobody notices him if they dont know him... That it?... Whatever... Keep flashin...

Magosis responds:

yea you seem to have gotten it.

original : yes

strange : yes
get it : no

what was that about (dont get me wrong) but i didnt get it....
what eva...
have fun :)

Magosis responds:

stated prior -- "the point was to make you look at your emotions and how they r simple things that can be drawn by an abstract situation." this just was to allow you to notice the saddness in the peice and then make you aware that the saddness was pointless.

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Aug 18, 2004
12:38 AM EDT