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We put together the opening of Around teh Watercooler a while ago, I decided to submit it today.



Mohawk Clay, Spiffy!

Nice intro to your claymation. I gave you good score because I know it's a very tough to make snice you have to make a record one movement at a time. Keep up the good work, i'm looking forward to see the other ATW!

Stevemyster responds:

check my other submissions. theres already 2 episodes of around teh watercooler.


hm..that was not that bad...maybe you and know should do something together..that would be pretty hot

Stevemyster responds:

do u mean knox? I NEED TO KNOW IF U MEAN KNOX, NOT KNOW!!!! id b flattered if u meant knox... :-D


I gave the graphics a zero, because well they werent graphics lol. I liked the music and character names, it was fun and funny.


u need a plot what was the movie about might i ask just some random ppl with their names! nuthing reallyn that amazing!

ur clay work was pretty good, way better than what i could do as im really rubbish at clay

this is my opinion but may not be others but that aint flash thats a movieclip in flash fi u get what i mean, make flash not a video, i would say dont use movieclips in ur movies but work on ur flash graphics and make sumthing with it

Stevemyster responds:

read the authors comments! it says this is just the opening credits to the show. check out the other episodes.

its ok

good enough to make it through the portal, pretty good claymation, just make one with a plot n u will have a good movie

Stevemyster responds:

i did make one with a plot. several. check my other submissions. o yea, i checked out ur profile, stop liking linkin park. it'll rot ur mind.

i have spoken.

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2.59 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2004
6:32 PM EDT
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