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The 6th melee A New Power

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Author Comments

Its been a very long time since I've submitted anything to newgrounds and I'm proud to present the newest addition to my melee series: The 6th melee A New Power!
Since its been nearly 2 years since the last part ill give u a quick run-through. It is based on the Sonic team (sonic knux & tails) vs the ssb team (the good characters from SSBM) fighting under what is known as the melee rules.
In this version I have included 5 minigames and 14 secret trophies for you to find! If you cant find all 14 at once there is a password system to bring back your progress.

Known issues:
- File size:
bah I know its over 3 megs but it has 5 partial streamed songs.
I like music!

- Pause button and movieclips:
in some(a lot)of cases the pause button makes it look really crappy if the movieclip in animated and the timeline stops.

- Little wall glitches:
In the games sometimes the wall hitting scripts don’t work exactly right, its not game ending but it does look bad.

- Frame rate:
Its a low frame rate because I started this around two years ago and forgot to change it once I learned higher is better!

- Songs used:
1) dark over world: Zelda
2) Icecap zone: S&K3
3) deep mine: GSH
4) radical highway: SA2B
5) super sonic, brainbug remix.
6) boss fight: FFVII

Last words:
I had a hell of a time making this with my half assed computer. It took 5 minutes to right click some days and this slowed down production a lot! The reason this took way 2 long to come out is because I experimented with other programs for a while but flash was the best for me. And also I make flash for me and my own entertainment so I enjoy when you like what I've done.

See you on the field: JT&co

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yeah why wasn't there a 5th?

EPIC! when's the next one coming out?


good job, music cuts a bit and the password un-friendlyness lowers it, and if you have a website you can put a link to it somewhere in your vid(i think)

P.S. i kicked master hand's (and crazy hand's)....umm...hand(s) in brawl as sonic for what master hand did. its evil rateing is under 9000 unfotunatly. XD

dude that was awesome

Dude I loved it and i didn't know sonic could do that(ya im telling the truth)!!!! awesome man comepletly awesome


have sonic saved or ill kick master hands umm i cant say ass cause hes a hand
oooo i got it ill kick his pinkey finger
did that sound right (lol)

*i hate you

those ppl that hate dont need to cause its already crappy

Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2004
4:45 PM EDT