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Charley's Aftermath

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Author Comments

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE INTRODUCTION!! It may repeat itself, but I want to make my message and purpose clear to all audiences.

Many people have failed to understand what this tribute really means, and I'll explain it one more time here.

Hurricane Charley...you've probably seen the damages in the news and wonder "Why did he make this, I can watch TV and see it all..." You can't. You see, the media only shows you the most extensive damage and tries to tell you that the damages are in the billions of dollars. Well, what about other small cities? They account for something, and this collage of images is here to show you just that. Small, rural areas that were generally affected much less than Punta Gorda, but still add in to the billion dollar equation.

Hello, Newgrounds. It's been a while since I've picked up Flash. I'd like to take a moment to remind you tha while most of my Flash movies suck, I've taken some time on this one...and it's not really a movie in that sense of being animated.

Hurricane Charley made landfall on the Florida coast Friday, August 13th, 2004...and it took an unforecasted turn. Because of this, many areas that were supposed to avoid being hit severely got pounded by winds in excess of 70 mph, heavy rain, and even a few tornadoes. I live in one of those areas, and found that the media was focused primarily on areas that were hardest hit, like Punta Gorda and the southwest coast of Florida. So, I've created an interactive collage in Flash containing images of the destruction around my area and Altamonte Springs. There are 21 images, and millions of dollars in damages are pictured.

56K USERS TAKE NOTE: This will most likely be a VERY LARGE FILE. If you insist on viewing it, PLEASE BE PATIENT and DO NOT VOTE 0 JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN'T VIEW IT.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all victims of this massive hurricane, including those in Cuba, Florida, and other states that were affected.

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Interesting, made a flash out of it? well its not good about all that damgage, not sure if a flash about it was needed for such a bad experience, but as for the flash it was well put together, good luck in your next works.


Surfer-Clock responds:

Thank you for your review. This was an event that the state of Florida may never forget. However, much of the mass media coverage was focused away from us at the time that I'd made this Flash. I wanted to bring attention to the damage in Central Florida because we weren't getting any national coverage, and felt it had to be said...eventually, the coverage did come our way. As well, it was such a profound event in my life up to that point that I needed a way to express my feelings about it.

As far as my next Flash works go, I haven't done anything with Flash in an incredibly long time, and may continue to not do so for a long time.

thats to bad

Even though I don't think this should be on newgrounds. I found the pictures interesting. I just hope none of that ever happens in my area, but anyway. It was worth looking at. Thanks

Surfer-Clock responds:

Everything has its place. It sounds as if you've learned a valuable lesson in empathy, so perhaps this does belong here in a way, simply as a reminder to the power of the natural forces governing the Gulf states. Thank you for your review.


I live in orlando and got hit much more worse than you did. At least 2 houses out of every neighborhood had a tree on their roof. Nice try tho.

Surfer-Clock responds:

The point was not to emphasize how badly Kissimmee and Altamonte Springs got hit, but it's just to give you an idea that there were other cities affected by last year's 'cane other than Punta Gorda, an idea the liberal media had yet to take ahold of. Of course, some would argue that the media simply didn't have time to cover all the smaller stories, and that's just the truth. Thank you for your review, stay safe for many storm seasons to come.

That sucks 4 u

ya...that sucks, but it wouldnt be fair to other movies if i gave u pity points.

Surfer-Clock responds:

I am not seeking pity points, nor do I ask for them from ytou. I did this merely as an artistic front on what happened in Central Florida, though more pictures would be needed to get more of a feel for the billions of dollars in damages. Thank you for your review!

hurricane Charley

was that your house....but it was good to see what happened...

p.s.- i heard charley blows

Surfer-Clock responds:

My family and I were fourtinate enough to recive minimmal damage from the hurricane. This is a tribute to those that weren't quite as lucky, and to those inland areas that add up to the bilions of dollars in damages. Thank you for your review!

Credits & Info

2.41 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2004
3:55 PM EDT