FF VI Star

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I've worked on this movie for about a month and I feel that it shows. It is by far my best piece of work to date



I dig the oldskool graphics, but the audio is just not right. At least, not to a purist like myself. It wouldn't be hard to find the audio clips and sound effects for Final Fantasy VI, either. My main graphic problem is the fact they get closer with the zoom the way they did. If you were to rip the proper graphics for attacks, that would be good, also. And a backround would be nice too, come to think of it. Lastly, if you gave them appropriate skills, like Cyan's sword techs, then I'd give this a 4 on principle. Best of luck if you remake it.


what was that?
1:u could have used better pics other than sprites
2:there could have been a backround 4 it


Not all that great. A background would be nice.

Plus; It'd be ideal for them to move farther apart on those zoom-ins. Ya know, so it makes sense.

I dont much like it

Other than ripping/compiling the magic effects (if you did that) I dont really see how much effort at all was put into this movie. Music was poor (duh, FFX...) and the sword fighting was made up of no more than two frames repeated. Slow, dull, short and un-spectacular. Try again.


Real good sprite work here, especially the spell-works, it's almost like being there! The intricate all-black background was the icing on the proverbial chocolate cake. You must have spent days choreographing this fight, it was breathtaking to watch even the sixth or seventh time. Make more!

Sixo responds:

Thank you very much, I might make some more sprite battles soon.

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1.64 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2004
9:08 PM EDT