Teh CC Slumber Partay P2

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Author Comments

Hello, once again. I am an unpopular artist submitting the second part of Teh Clockcrew Slumber Partay. It was already finished by the time I submitted Part 1, but I wanted this saved for Clockday. So, clock haters, REVIEW AND VOTE FAIRLY. If you review with "OMFG U SUK GO KIL URSLF", you'll most likely be insulted.
Hope you enjoy the movie.
Also, I'm working on Water Cooler Highlights 2, os be happy for those who wished for a sequal.
Also, for some reason, the size is 2 megs higher than it was...
Oh well, it still fits.

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On a side note; Good movie. Just came back from a long absence, good to see older clocks still goin'.

topcatyo responds:

Thanks :D

loved it

I loved it, ive just became a clock n all

topcatyo responds:

Awesome. Be sure to contribute good movies for the clockcrew. It's going through another hard time.

Heh, Hey

Don't know if you remember me, but it's AncientDragonClock. I finally came back after over a year of absence >_>

Anyways, I like what you did with the movie and all, especially my character, considering my .fla was so sucky.

Anyways, two thumbs up. I loved it.

topcatyo responds:

Glad you liked it, man :)
Are you still working on Fire Clock?

Sorry about my delay for watching Part 2.

You probably don't remember me from my review from Part 1, but I sure remembered you from your flash. First let me say I'm sorry for such a late review, I completely overlooked this flash, which was really fun and enjoyable I might add. I'm not even that big of a clock fan, but your little sleepover flash really gave me respect for you, I can tell you worked very hard on this flash and put a lot of effort into it. Your animation was very smooth, I didn't see very many errors at all throughout the flash, and the artwork was done nicely as well. It was very original and I enjoyed seeing this second installment. A great endind too. Also, your sound was top notch. The music was very good and the voices & sound effects were also very nice. There was plenty of clock fighting and I found it pretty neat, you did a good job with that. As for interactivity you did a great job on that by having many options for the viewer as the flash was playing. I liked that, you didn't just offer a simple play and replay button. And as for humour, I must say you sure gave me plenty of laughs throughout the flash in both parts. Overall you did a great job and managed to get perfect 10s all across the board, and that isn't easy, but you managed to do that. I can't wait to go check out some of your other works, and don't forget to keep the new flash coming in. I can gaurentee you I'll watch them. And happy holidays.

topcatyo responds:

Happy holidays. Thanks for the awesome review. I'm glad you liked it :) I'll keep working hard on my cartoons.


This is one of the better clock flashs you see but i think in your next one you should draw every clock you put in there, Btw are you still making water cooler shorts 2??

topcatyo responds:

I'm working on Water Cooler Shorts 2, don't worry. It's just been put on hold. Thanks for the review :)

Credits & Info

4.41 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2004
9:05 AM EDT
Comedy - Original