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DMB the Ultimate Trailer

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Author Comments

I'd like to first start off by saying, wow, I never thought i would come this far with this idea.

Now that that's through I wanna tell everyone just what they are in for. This Trailer is actually a Preview to an online Anime series consisting of around thirty episodes each 5-10 minutes long. Working on this has been great, my co-creator was awesome to work with. We made magic so I hope you all look forward to this series being released, Thank you.

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Well Chase...

The whole idea of an online anime really pulled me into this preview. My only suggestions are that you need to lessen the blank time in between each slide (this being the black screen) Also, do some spell check before you finally post. Oh...and to those that were wondering if the commentary was a joke...from what he told me...yes...it was. Oh..and the five in humor is for the commentary ^_^ And the zeros in violence and interactivity are the because there wasn't really any of the in the preview. And to that one guy who said this was crap...I'd like to see you make something better!

Plus-One-Animations responds:

thanx man glad to see you interested, sorry we are late on the release look for a nov. 5 release in tribute of Matrix revolutions release one year ago!

Well made crap as usual.


C'mon, you can't even spellcheck the damn thing?
First of all, the pauses between scenes were FAR too long. I understand that you're trying to synchronize your movie with the song, but... damn, find SOMETHING to fill the space other than just a black screen. You also only really animated ONE thing. The rest was just the same thing over and over with a few crappily drawn backgrounds, and... *gasp* a special effect!

I sure hope this didn't take you long to make. If you put some decent effort into it, it might just be good. But you can't get by without voices, and you can't work without a plot... or without sound effects... and with only two characters...

A trailer is supposed to give you a little of the plot. Tell you what's going to happen. Get you interested. It is NOT just an excuse to show off the half-assed shit you've got so far. Keep working. You might EVENTUALLY have something to be proud of.

Looks great!

Can't wait till Ep. 1. The sound was spectacular and the graphics were good as well. Only advice I have is maybe make the DMB opening logo/screen a little better. It looks like you threw it together with MS Paint.

btw-yo have a typo during the movie when flashing through the words you have "ing" at the end of a word as "nig".

corny but cool none the less

so good job


Well that was pretty kool, DMB king of a wierd name,other then that you did a well-done job.

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2004
2:35 PM EDT