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Larry and Lucille EP#2

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My 50th movie!

I thought i'd do something real special for a 50th, and Larry and Lucille got so popular i thought i'd make it my very first series! This is a long one, and the plot runs quite thick... not for idiots who can't follow a story =P

P.S. you NEEEEEEEED to watch the first one first, if you don't, and then blam it cuz you dont get it... i'll just be sad =P

Please give feedback I do read it all =)

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Started nice, but it seemed to spiral downwards...

Well hello Wallpaperman, eet eez e-*Ahem* It is me; HaroFreak here to give another review.

This is the sequel to the Larry and Lucille cartoon starring two criminals on the run, fighting the law and being trigger happy. Unlike the first episode, the animator tried to give a Noir-feel to this episode which started pretty decently with the unknown hitman and the effect of the script. Sadly, the noir feel felt more and more ameteaurish as the plot progressed.

Well, now onto the in-depth review.

The graphics are very similar along the lines of the previous episode, however the flapping heads tend to be repedetive and it seemed rather odd when trying to mix serious and funny AT THE SAME TIME... Though many cartoons such as Naruto succeeded in doing so, I understand how difficult is setting such an event up and It didn't quite fit with your animation...

The sounds were decent for their uses, though I would prefer a multitude of sound effects per gun or per bullet type more like... The voices were so-so since the deep voice was not very clear. Perhaps going through the voices more or asking someone with a natural deep voice should improve the quality.

The style seems to be a mixed bag of sorts... Blood, violence, crime... It's not too difficult to make a plot out of it but it's still made as it is nonetheless.

The flapping heads were humourous, pre-loader, etc... Minor details which needs no going-through...

In summary, I somewhat enjoyed this episode for the beginning, but I prefer the first episode for the setup. Hopefully the next episode would have a stronger feel to it.

wallpaperman responds:

the noir feel in this only came into it when "el humungo" came in, don't know if anyone noticed =).

but yeah, the 3rd noir part is just greyscale really and i shoulda made it more "noirry"

but thanks for the (again awesome) review! =)

good job.

i think the record for most movies was like livecorpse or something. good job though on this movie, 3 out of fibe

wallpaperman responds:

nah, it's wolvie with like 120 movies

50th, wowa!

Thats gotta by some sorta NG record if there all submited!

wallpaperman responds:


yea, you're right

i probably should have watched the first one

wallpaperman responds:



Your experience with flash was showed in this one!!! Great Job

wallpaperman responds:

yup, decided to make something awardworthy this time =)

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

Aug 14, 2004
11:34 AM EDT