Tomsplitters 2

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Tom recovers from his last journey, and sets sail on a new adventure in the sequel to Tomsplitters. NOTE: It is not nesseccary that you have seen Tomsplitters before watching Tomsplitters 2, and if you have, please note that this one is much better. I had a slight problem with my audio editing software while making this flash, so the audio quality is not quite what it should be. Enjoy!

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cool mix of films

ohhhhh CANADA. i like the movie BUT the sound and grafics dont match fix it and it will be great !!

It was ok

I either didnt understand or didnt think most of the jokes were very funny, but the ones that were made me laugh quite a bit. I liked the whole LOTR part, as well.

Kapungo responds:

Thanks... I guess...

Yay, more Tomsplitters so soon!

Just what I asked for (in my review of part 1)! Ah, but be CAREFUL what ye ask for, right?

In this case, all we who wanted more goodly Tomsplitters actions... got just that. Intro was great. Loved the silhouettes. The... "hospital" scene was good, yes yes... um... the microwave flashback scene... heh.

"What do they use for baked beans?"

That would be the best exchange from this one. heh. I noticed it getting really laggy (well, being laggy all along, but starting to really show it here in the "walking past all the shops and billboards" scene). My old comp's mostly at fault, but considering the graphics are fairly simple, I'm not sure if you could have done something to smooth it out a bit and make sure that the soundbits don't stop too early, as they were doing consistently (this is even at low quality, BTW).

So anywho, the sight gags and funny shop names and all were groovy, but it took so long that I was really getting boring. But then... yay, a time portal! Now we're getting somewhere (again).

More LOTR stuff. Excellence! I think you've achieved just the right balance here between recycling things from the first one and making things different enough to be interesting and still funny. Gay + British accent + Mr. T is just sooooo very wrong. ;_; At least you didn't try to voice Darth Vader, as well. One case where sound clips = a vastly superior choice. Great job! I hope to see a Tomsplitters 3 sooner or later, considering how quickly part 2 arrived, please tell me you're making one? #;-}>

Kapungo responds:

Thanks very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Sorry about the lag for you, dunno what that was about it works fine for me...? Anyway, you were nice and observant, even noticing a few of the gags we didn't expect everyone to get. And as for TS3... I'm three scenes into the making of it, but it looks unlikely to come out soon, if ever. I might give it some more time soon though...

it wasnt bad..

about on par with the first one i would say..

well done

Kapungo responds:

First off, congrats for watching the first, second off, this one is no way on a par with the first. Graphics and animation was better, sound squality... eh, maybe a tad worse, and humour... that's all based on opinion. But overall this episode's far superior to the previous one. Thanks though


man this sucked.. i didnt get it either

Kapungo responds:

You suck, you cheesy bumwart you.

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Aug 12, 2004
8:58 PM EDT
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