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BattleWay Ep.2

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Author Comments

After 4 weeks of working on this,ive finally completed it! over 1000 frames, over 300 diffrent library items! I will answer most of the reviews! Also check out BattleWay Ep.1 at:http://www.newgrounds

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not so awesome

its not very very bad but its not half as good as you think it is. if that took you 4 weeks to make, you either worked only 5 mins a day on it or you SUCK. the music was repeating, the blood effects would look better if you made them with paint. same goes for the graphics. the intro was longer than the movie itself. that is all.

no, not good enough

Listen, this is a bad flash. I repeat: this is a BAD flash.
The characters are shitty AND they are ripoffs, wow, you drained your creativity pool on this one eh? The song is crappy and makes me feel like inserting my fist in your face (punching you, you un sophisticated nwump) This movie had a bit less style then the old doritos crumbs in the cracks of my sofa. I gave violence a 1 because you get 0.001 of a point for every frame in your crappy flash that makes me die a bit inside. Interactivity 10 because trying to look at this flash is like halo 2 in legendary (a pretty crappy game i might add)
Humor 0, hmm, thats a tough one... Overall 1: for your effort, (not really but I wouldnt want you to cry)

BlueZombieClock responds:

Ahem...Score: 3.68/5.00

If i were you i'd SHUT THE FUCK UP, and ask myself if i could do something better


i no why u put justin instead of heavydamage. becuase he always changes his damned name. lol. anyways, you two make a good team.

BlueZombieClock responds:

Lol yeah thats true,i hate when he changes his name,lol,but whadaya want? :D glad you liked the movie!

uhm,,, better then average flash

well in any case, better then ur most recent one "unfriendly fite"

BlueZombieClock responds:

Go check out Clocks Of Rock i just submitted,im sure you'll like it


This is an exellent movie.

It really took you 4 weeks nonstop?
Thats all?

BlueZombieClock responds:

Yeah,4 weeks without stopping "except 5 minute dinners and 8hr sleeps lol"

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Aug 12, 2004
5:36 PM EDT