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Cletus the Fetus ep 39

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Some people really like this episode and some really hate it. so don't get really mad or anything

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ummmm...stfu maybe?

To Ryanan: stop spamming you hobo its cletus the fetus and all you do is explain it when it is the EXACT storline. you don't add anything and maybe just this is different for once! but you, you probably don't understand the reviewing submissions dosn't give youpoints, no no, it dosn't so how bout, you:Load the movie, vote 5 on the side of the screen and stop filling up cletus with spam!


In what could be one of the first flashback instances in the Cletus the Fetus universe, we are treated to a memory of Melvin's in which he discusses wishing to play "Men in Black." I must admit, it was fairly shocking to hear was heard, and I really do not think it was appropriate for the movie. I do like Melvin's response though, and he does seem to get the best of the situation. The mini-youngins look much better than their older versions. The sounds were good aswell, with the voices for the youngings being a little better than their adult counterparts.



that wasn't so much "funny" as it was awkward that it's a regular run of the mill cletus the fetus cartoon until you hear racial slurs. um.. not preachin or nothin, it just didn't fancy me as funny, especially compared to all the other ones i've seen


dude.. like 50 episodes of this crap.. have u no life?


Whoa, some racial slurs in this one, almost on the verge of being flaggable, ah well, it's not too bad. It was funny how it was said so casually. Though for a shitty argument, I guess he does have a point. Will Smith IS a black guy, har.