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his was a sound clip I got from Napster one day. I was boared so I decided to make a flash movie of it. Im not too proud of it but, its funny...if your into that sorta thing. I hope the sound gets timed right on this website.

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I haven't seen the movie in a long time. I didn't know he had all that dialogue. I just didn't care for this. It was just him farting all the time. Why'd you have to make fun of the best part of the whole movie? It's weird looking back at this website.

For all the hatred everyone has of "The Phantom Menace" it sure made some popular cartoons. I don't see the appeal in this. I'm more into ponies farting. That's just funnier.


matrix est francai ces vrai que ses super!!




i love the last face on the emperor


This was great for it's time and is still funny to this day with all the different funny facial expressions after every fart noise and the script behind it also was hilarous too,a great parody that aged quite well in my opinion.