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Pube Muppet gets something off his chest.

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Pube time

haha So I had some fun with this one it was very funny and entertaining the pube voice is always funny a very entertaining flick and tehre for no changes needed, you have some nice visual points here in this one and some entertaining value in this fun little flick of a movie So with this movie its nice to see some good pube action and this shows off pube at his best some good entertaining value and quality in this film entry.

a very entertaining flick and tehre for no changes needed


Could've been better.

While I thought It was a surprise for Pube to go straight for Jeniffer Garner I thought the ending kinda sucked. I mean what, did you just get like lazy in the end and just run out of ideas? Oh well a Pube Muppet movie is a Pube Muppet movie. And for that you get a 5.

Just didn't find it funny.

Sorry my friend, but I suppose I just don't find that sort of thing amusing. The sound was fairly monotone, the horrible perverted jokes did not amuse me, and the terrible graphics aren't something to die for. The only reason this survives is because this sort of thing is a fad, and I respect that you are keeping it alive. Good luck to you pal. And sorry that some people are far too immature to post negative reviews that goes beyond all capitals and exclamation marks.

Long Live The Pube Muppet

Pube Muppet is very sexy. There are many things I'd like to do now first I will get my sex slave Hard judge and shove my steel dildo in his ass while I get a great big boner from Hardjudge's pain. Next I will get a bat and knock his head off and shove it up my ass so I'm constipaded and my yummy yummy ass excrusions come out my eyeballs. After that I will get Pube Muppet and we will go on Newgrounds and vote 0 on decent movies and write nasty reviews to the flash artists that made said movies. Finally we will masturbate to our greatness because we are proud to blam decent movies. Yes that would be swell.

Strawberry-Compass responds:

There was a man from pakistan who ate curry every day, on friday he died, and gave it all away. This means... nothing realy.


that was hilarious

Strawberry-Compass responds:

Was it fuck.

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3.65 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2004
5:45 PM EDT
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