Super Shotgun: Pt. 1

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This was originally the intro for the game, but it got too big. Enjoy and play the game Super Shotgun: Beginings.



it was ok , the static for the radio and TV were EXTREMLY anoying and way to loud for what it should have been. But good job anyways.


wasnt bad

it was ok i guess, i wish you would make the announcer on the tv's voice more normal though, i could barely understand what he was saying cause of that stupid voice. but other then that it was a ok move. might want to introduce the character a little more.


The movie's plot is overly obvious and its attempt to build any kind of tension fails miserably. The characters look really stupid and their voices are poorly synced and annoying as hell. The other sounds are either very generic or just plain annoying(alarm clock, radio static). The graphics are the best thing this movie has to offer, but I can't dig your style even there.

brokenjoe responds:

Mr. Grumpy pants eh? I guess that's how you kwazy klowns do it eh?


Nice drawings and I like the movie


Jesus Christ what the hell is wrong with you? Didn't you or any of your pals that saw this when it was finished find that fuzzy, irritating radio sound effect vomit inducing? Not to mention the voices and sounds were all out of sync with the rest of the movie. And you started it on low quality for no reason at all not to mention there was only one zombie in the entire town. I am pissed.

brokenjoe responds:

I've never been angry over movies...you might need some help with that. And Mclaren's stink.

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3.33 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2004
4:24 PM EDT
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