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Future Vision

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One future, one vision, one car...
Enjoy the movie!

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This was a very different flash, yet I still enjoyed it. The backgrounds were a bit odd, and while I got into it after a while, Sandstorm seemed out of place at first. The car itself looked great, and the look and concept of that was awesome, which worked since that was the focus. Had work been put into the details elsewhere rather than just showing off the concept though, this could have been a great flash.


Your design for the flying car was great, something about it reminded me of the batmobile in the way the body kit was designed. The music in the background was a pretty generic piece of music back in 2000 but i thought it suited this flash quite well, especially the start were you were showing off the car on the stage. The highlight for me had to be the way you created the impression of lighting and camera flashes at the start, very cool. Overall a nicely done flash.

Nice idea

Well this was a nice idea, good car theme here and even some better features, kinda simple though, ad some action somehow

Needs more, i was bland and needs more action scenes and such

Good idea but needs more



coool car concept man, but with gas prices now, I just don't see it happening, haha, just kidding, but anyway, very imaginative and fun to watch, the first shot of the car lasted a little too long, and I don't think the majority of people would qualify for a pilots liscence even if flying cars were available, nice choice of music to match your theme, and a fun little flash all in all.


It's a cool concept... but i jsut have one question... why is the car 2 lanes wide?