The Supermarket

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Its story was written for a contest about individual armament, but i could never make the animation in time for the contest...so i make it now anyway, the animation is about and against individual armament, so in fact, it is not supposed to be funny. The original animation is a little longer, but i had to cut out some parts because of the big file size...

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pretty good

funny flash
a little bit short

No real point

Not realistic at all. Supermarkets sell knives, gasoline, poison (for killing bugs) and all sorts of dangerous things. What difference would guns make?

This was kind of entertaining.

All the artwork was pretty cool... And it kinf of made me think, thought I'm not sure what the point was.

It could be that guns are so readily available to anyone... And perhaps that people are too irresponsible for this to be practical. We do live in a culture that focuses a lot on violence.

Anyway... I think you should work on your movements. An animation of a person walking has more elements to consider than you might think. There's more to it than moving shoulders, arms and legs. Keep in mind that when the person's legs are directly beneath her, her head is lifted up higher... Your head moves up and down as you walk. Then when they are spread out, the head comes down lower again.


I don't see too many important messages animated so well.

I don't see too many female animators, either...

..not to mention a Turkish one.

I am Turkish as well. I love your Keddi flash.

Like someone said before me, I am suprised this didnt get an award. Especially at a time like this in the united states, where everyone feels obligated to pretend like they care about such things.

I hope I see something new from you, soon.

dilosh responds:

good to see another Turk here. thanks for the comment.


how did this movie not win an award? that boggles my mind. all those crappy clock/lock movies win awards and this one doesn't? thats dumb. i loved this movie, good animation, and it was fun to watch.
good job.

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3.83 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2004
5:48 PM EDT
Comedy - Original