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Shorts Volume 1

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Author Comments


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((( HAHA )))

Ha this was good, made me laugh, and i must admit all the clips were good even the "STICK" one haha, the "ARTWORK" on all the short clips was great and showed lots of detail with great color and shading, nice flash indeed, also liked how you ahd all the small clips in one flash, very good flash so props to you...


Nextrol responds:

The famous waynecolt, reviewing one of my movies! O.o

Thank you for the review . Unfortunatley this piece of crap that I use to call a movie represents a time when I was a sad example of an artist or an animator for that matter. I promise you that I will present another piece of work that will indeed be worthy of both our praise. Perhaps even a serious piece one day, if I can manage to pull myself out comedy.

Until then, keep writing those fantastic reviews of yours. :D *Thumbs up for Wayne!!!*


the graphics were sorta good, but not good enough


sound, well, they fit, but not in the right way.

violence. too much, and not the right kind. i prefer rambo-all-out carnage.


humor, almost none, except for the computer one.

well, keep trying. your FBF was good, you just need a central concept.

Nextrol responds:

I really consider this flash a piece of crap now. My newest (not uploaded) work exceeds this by leaps and bounds.


Look... the first one was funny... except that Pac-Man's sound effects are free range now, so why the crappy sounds?

The second was dumb as balls. Don't know what you were thinking.

The Third had no humor behind it, and I'm not sure why you thought it was funny.

The Fourth...

The fifth was a little cool... but it didn't have enough to make me give this all my 5.

The sixth... would have been funny if he was actually fighting someone... but he wasn't. And therefore... not funny.


Nextrol responds:

Pacman sounds were not available when this was created.

Not all were suppose to be funny.

That sucked BALLS

The humor SUCKED. Nothing in there was funny. Every joke you made was alraedy used 100 times by other animators or just plainly stupid (In the most negative way possible). Try to be more original. And get yourself some better blood effects.

Nextrol responds:

You haven't a clue how hard flash is...

Nice Work

Great job. I wasn't sure what to expect just becasue shorts can be really bad sometimes and actually be to short. You had some great jokes in there and also alot of violence which all of us Newgrounders love. The graphics were solid I didn't really like how you made the human characters but they werent to bad. I liked the one where the guy gets hit in the crotch with the cd that was funny you did a good job with that. But my favorite one was the moon one oh man that was funny. I liked the flash you had good shorts that got straight to the point.

OVerall: Nice Work 8

Nextrol responds:

Thank you very much.. I always enjoy reading extensive and informative reviews such as this one. :)

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2004
4:47 AM EDT