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Great Yoshi Migration 4

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Finally, the end of the series is here. Enjoy!

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I cannot say I felt the same things I felt here were the same I felt watching the Yoshi Migration 1-3. While the production value in this one definitely went up and the visuals definitely improved, a film without a story is nothing more than a rock painted gold. Especially when it comes to the ending. "Babality" clearly takes inspiration from the 90s trend of turning a popular topic into a baby. Fingers crossed that the Great Yoshi Migration 5 has more to offer.

cool man

lol babality?

he finished him by turning him into a baby... thats original... and funny XP... nice work


OMG BABALITY WHERE DID U COME UP WITH THAT! This movie rules except the fact that yoshis are extinct now but still that was awesome!

keep on rockin dude! =D

...prety short

i like yoshi! :D but...u could have made him shine a bit lol more to it than that kinda thang...too short but still loved it yoshi yoshi yoshi lol ohya and i liked the mortal kombat...FINISH HIM! that was a neat touch lol