TvP's 9-in-1 Tutorial

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I hope this helps people that are in need of it, if you don't please don't watch it or vote low just becuase you might know how to do some of the stuff already. I respond to all, thanks.


pretty good

it´s pretty good but i am very interested how you maked that space in the background.


Nice...... I hope you go somewhere with your Flash.

I'm not one to give much praise.....BUT NICE FUCKING JOB!!!!!(not being sarcastic)

Let me tell ya something chump

I am not a nOOb but newgrounds does not noe me. i am a 'neutral' guy but supposed 2 be extreme. I dun care if it is if uthers like it and i do too. the aura that way sux. i never voted a 2 or 3 b4. possibly this stupid aura crap left u banned from reviewing

TvP responds:

Wtf are you talking about? Umm....NO.


Very usefull...I like the idea that in this 1 you can pick your own Music while learning how to use flash. A brilliant idea to have 9 tutorials in 1 and they are all very useful (for the 3rd time).

TvP responds:

Yes-yes, indeed. Stiktrix ^_^

great tutorial... but

this is a great tutorial.. you obviously know what you are doing

but i have downloaded flash MX 2004 and i have found that some of the stuff you refer to (like in action script, you say to make a button, right click and click actions... i tried that and it is not there =/)

i did not really get what was the point for the audio ranks and the experience levels, you could of dedicated the space to something else...

and another thing... when i was doing the movie clips, i noticed after you do everything, and you play the movie, it doesnt play the movie clip, even though its there. how do you get the movie clip to play when you play your final product?

and also, there seems to not be a tool where you can just free draw, all the tools that i see on the little toolbar are tools that either dont draw, but draw but then the computer straightens them or something. where is a free draw tool?

still a great tutorial, but you might want to go back and check that all of these things you refer to still are applicable in flash MX 2004, cause frankly, i was very confused in some parts becuase what you say was there, was not

TvP responds:

This tutorial was made for Flash MX only. I also have Flash MX 2004, and Professional. Though, I like regular MX that best.

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Aug 5, 2004
7:50 PM EDT
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