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White House Rats (Ep. #3)

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"You, the little twirp with the megaphone! Whatchu doin'?"
"Look wiseguy, to live in the White House, you either gotta be a rodent..... or ya gotta get elected."
"Catches on quick don't he?"
ROFL. OWNED. I love these rats.... they are too stupid and funny. For anyone in the future, what's the little black-and-tan rat's name?

Doesn't work.

The URL you posted doesn't work it just takes me to this random site. So a) Someone else has that URL. or b) toonex doesn't exist. or c) my computer is being a dick. Look into it.


Loved the quote about having to be elected to live in the white house, funny as f*ck. Good animation and clean sounds, great work.


The first one was a bit funnier, you say that they are 1 line jokes but the punch lines arn't as funny as they could be


The 'catch on quick' line was a little thing called sarcasm.