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Raiden IIS - Part B

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The final bit of the game. I fixed the autofire (yeah, like it wasn't fixed in the first place) but it is still slow-shooting, though it increases frequency higher up the screen.

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It's interesting to see where one of my all time favorite games got started. It looks completely different! I can't help but notice how primitive the graphics look. I guess I was looking for something more organized. It just seemed to be one giant enemy after another. It was even weird how it got me started as I was apparently fighting a boss I had to beat?

Yes, I know it's the second part in something, but it still doesn't make much sense to me. It's wonderful to see how far you have come with this game. The audio is fairly decent. You still have that nice variety of enemies to attack. A pity it's so easy to die and you have only one life.

normaly....i would say this is way way to hard...and just fails BUT

its from 2004 so its actualy pretty good(what flash was avalible then?5?)

and ive played plenty of nes/snes top-down shooters and they can be insanely hard(especially with the nes)

amazing game, music is even better

dude, all i do is load this game, and listen to the menu music, thats it. Its so amazing. If your still alive, PLEASE TELL ME THE NAME OF THE MENU SONG. ITS SO GOOD

a short but probably non helpful tip

when you meet the final boss,dont just bomb the crap out of it.Focus destroying that Green rock on the top.(dont worry,it will regenerate).After you got the "P" from that rock,then start shooting it.You can bomb it from time to time,but dont waste it.You will need it later on but more bombs will come up anyways

Hope this was helpful

That's more like it...

This is much better...
While I liked the previous game's weapon layout, I still love the traditional one.
My only problem was the purple weapon, it was damn near useless unless you somehow got ahead of an enemy... That's the only time it helps compared to the other weapons
As for difficulty, I'd say you did a pretty damn good job! The steady stream of weapon powerups helps immensely if you happen to die, which has a far less chance than the other one.
And even the boss was fun! Dodging his shots is possible, but unfortunately, it's made much more difficult by the fact you made the bullets follow his path, he moves left, his shots move left. If he were to shoot a stream of bullets side by side, it would look like a tunnel that picks itself up and moves left and right with the enemy, unlike how it normally looks, you shouldn't be able to change their trajectory once you fire by moving.