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Version 1.0! Hi there everyone! Just got back from my week long vacation! A few weeks ago, a few people had liked how a could make buttons and e-mailed me, saying that I should make a tutorial out of this. Well, it took me about a week to make (delayed a little because of summer part time job) and I'm happy with the results. Oh yes, I will update this as this is only version 1.0. Plus I will listen to some tips on what I should include on the next version. I hope this is helpful! Enjoy!
(btw, I don't know how many tutorials were posted this past week, hopefully not a lot)!


Pretty good...

It was kinda sloppy, but at least i can make a button now.


Its not a perfect tutorial,but its decent,explains everything in a simple way and i guess lots of beginners learn from thisw too.Keep up the good work!


I got a small suggestion...

Make and HTML webpage for this kind of thing.

Nothing too new or interesting

You should make a tutorial with more stuff on it. Practically everyone knows how to make a button. The background was too plain, as was the text.
I would suggest a better graphical background and a different text.
Although it would help newbies.


Sorry, but there are already a shit load of tutorials already here telling you how to do this. And seeing how I didn't learn anything at all, I have no reason to give this a good score. Also, you need a lot more pictures. Every frame should have one for reference. And that music? Highly annoying. It didn't fit the tutorial at all. It just distracted me. Finally, PLEASE don't submit a tutorial before anything else. When I see a tutorial and "There are no other submissions by this author." that tells me that the tutorial can't be good, because the author isn't even good enough to get a movie on to NG. No, not useful in any sense.

cloned-illusion responds:

Uh buddy, you act like I have never tried putting movies on here. Every movie I have made (except the dress-up game from yesterday) has come so close with scores like 1.52 and 1.59. So basically it's just a matter of people who actually vote FAIRLY that could have made my movies happen. Besides pal, this is only version 1.0. I will update it and there are many people who don't have movies that submit tutorials.

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2.43 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2004
9:46 AM EDT
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