Gorshamelon Ep.1

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This is the first episode in a new series I'm making called Gorshamelon, so this is sort of the pilot to see how everyone likes it. I enjoyed making it, so I hope you enjoy watching it!

Thank you everyone who gave me reviews and votes! I shall begin work on Episode 2 taking what everyone had to say in their reviews into consideration.


Great First Episode

I love the story idea and the banana. Good job with the voices as well. Hope to see more in the future.

((( COOL STORY )))

I like the story, the starting was neat with the explosion and all, also nice job on the voices they sounded mature like it should in a flash movie, nice work indeed, i hope to see more in the future...


Oh yeah

Funny. Keep up the good work, and I am sure you will improve as you go.

I dig man.

Im looking forward to seeing your next episode, hope this series makes it. I gave you a three, but I know youll improve with time. Good work, and great way to end it.... leaving the audience intrigued, great job!!~Diver.

! 0wnz j00 w007! h4x

Haha. That was funny and it didn't involve pornography, swearing, or blasphemy. Good job. The banana was good. I want to see more of the banana. And you should throw in some random object instead of fruit in the sequel.

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2.47 / 5.00

Jul 30, 2004
2:04 AM EDT
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