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another great episode :)

i almost forgot to tell u, when i reviewed ur brushwork animation, the reason i put ''and'' at the end of my review was that i had a question to awnser. the problem was that i couldn't fit my question with my whole review =) so srry about that, so im goin to continue the question where i left off at ''and'' at the end of my review of ur brushwork since it is about ur ask vash kun! episodes. u said u were goin to make the third ep. right, like it said at ur comments from ur brushwork. but that was over 2 yrs. ago!!! i tried e-mailing u about that yet sadly it said that my message never got through. this is the only flash left of urs that i have to review so plz tell me any new development of what ur doin since i enjoy ur flashes. reply here or e-mail me. anyway on with the review, i thought it was another amazing addition to the episodes. graphics were alittle sharper and better. there was no violence, but u could tell that vash and milly had the same attitudes like that on the show, good job :). interactivity was no different humor was enjoyable and silly, overall i give it another stunning and humorous 6 out of 10.

funnyish and all but

well vash isnt actualy dumb he just plays it off like that lol
and anyways sense vash is prolly one of the few anime shows worth watching i just have 1 question for you where are more eps!?

Vash is hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this, super funny. But Vash would get it on with Missy not Meryl, ya know? Maybe that's just what I would do(LOL). Anyway...this was very funny so I gave it a 5! Bye-Bye.


theres a two for interactivity because theres a play and replay button uh huh lol
btw i sent you an email hope it gets there

very good

that was some funny shit, as good as the first (if not better)but im pretty sure the closest they come to "that" is being extremely drunk and i can't seem to remember the episode name that that was in right now, but yes very good again and im hope u make more

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2.86 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2004
11:11 PM EDT
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