Tomato's Sombrero

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This is my first flash video, its short, I know :( Keep in mind im still learning, helpful criticism welcome.


Not bad for 1st movie...

The graphics are good and you've got real voices (at times) which is a plus, but you really need to work on your story. The jokes were odd, sudden, and half the time you didn't know if it was suppose to be funny. I think you could be good if you put your mind at it, you just need more quality material.

juggmo responds:

I think you hit the nail right on the head, ive got another video coming with these two guys.

Flashes keep getting worse and worse...

That was pretty horrible... These new flash movies keep getting shittier... For all those people making shit like this (although this is a good shitty one if you can believe it...) stop being a lazy ass and put some time into your work and make a quality flash...


well it was short i know, but it was ok. keep working on flash and you will improve in time.


This was bad and hey, dont want to be mean but never post a flash and say "oh this is my first flash im still learning" because that will only give you a lower score. If this is some test because your learning flash then just keep it to yourself until you get good. Find some tutorials online and start learning

juggmo responds:

My objective wasnt a good score, it was to get helpful criticism. In my opinion this is apart of the learning process. Your review was rather pointless. I understand what your saying though.


Very funny
Made no sense
But still pretty funny

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2.01 / 5.00

Jul 29, 2004
5:54 AM EDT
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