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An original strategy game where you battle for the largest control of armies. Kind of like Othello, yet very different.

March 2, 2011 Update: Want to play this game on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or your Xbox 360? Now you can! Proximity 2 is the official sequel to Proximity, has many new features, and is now available on the App Store and on Xbox Live Indie Games. Find out more information at http://briancable.com/pro ximity-2/

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Now THIS is a strategy game. Though the rules are simple, and the graphics are even simpler, what matters is the gameplay. And the gameplay here is pure strategy perfection. Every single move is a shrewd calculation of carefully contrived advantage, yet your turns pass at a snappy pace. You can glean the entire board state in little more than a quick glance, yet the board presents a different tactical situation almost every single turn. The very definition of depth of gameplay over breadth of content. Extra Credits would be proud.

game gets to 100% loaded and then doesn't play. Tried it on Firefox and Chrome. Fix your game.

Very fun! But it's a strategy game, not a puzzle game.

Very simple but not bad xD

bout time!

Been playin this game forever, will be happy to support you on xbox live.. i see its updated, but does it have a classic mode like the original?

cableshaft responds:

If you go into the game options of Proximity 2, you can change the settings so it has the same rules as Proximity, yes.