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Save The Trees

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My 46th movie.

My brother made an awesome song so I had to make a movie for it, took about 4 days non stop =) I hope you enjoy it
Please review.

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Peaceful, thoughtful...

I liked it. Keep up the good work.


this was a rubbish movie, the only good bit was the graphic of the robot guy and even then, you didn't make it, best idea, make less make better.........if your going to do a save the trees trype thing, aim to do something like the move "don't smoke" or something like that where this guy smoked and the world blew up..............

lol jesse jones drew me

lol...jesse jones drew me and put me in a spaceship suit..you stole his pic of me lol...soo i take you like the way im drawn if you dont belive me ill email you my pic

wallpaperman responds:

i know, im jesses mate and he gave you to me =)

((( HUH )))

Well now i know why you have 46 movies, because they are short simple films with not much for the viewer to go on, not like what you use to do which was somewaht quality, but much more improved then this style...


wallpaperman responds:

no i still do good movies, but just rarely


It could have used a lot of improvement. The trees had faces that were drawn badly, I could barly tell that were rabbits, when the rabit goes flying he moves really slowly, the toxic waste sign was drawn badly, and I don't know what the guy was pouring, but when it was being poured it was animated badly.

wallpaperman responds:

i see