LOTR: 60 Seconds

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second try for my second flash. I made a few changes (ok I remade the whole main part) and hope that you all will like the movie this time. Please.. don't just blam the movie.. it's my second try and I think it's quite good.. if you don't like some part of it just give me 3 points so that the movie can stay and I can update changes ;) thanks


That was really bad.

And before you go and worm your way out of this like you did with the previous poster, yes I have used Flash and I suck at it, but I've posted better things than this on here and they've gotten blammed. Honnestly, You could have at least made a TWEEN to make him walk to the door, at least! Honnestly.

Cilmeron responds:

oh my.. watch the lord of the things before judging some 3 years old crap.. and yes.. it's really crap but I don't need stupid fuckers who's shit got blammed because they're retards judging my old shit.. thanks but no thanks


WOW u know i think that wasworse than the riddick short, i reviewed that to, im shokedi didntthink anything else cud be worse than that, coz that is BADand this is also BAD, VERY BAD u are a thomas crapper at flash, u shud never make flash agen, u know why the humor is ten? it was so SHITE i pissed my sides alffin (P.S are you disabled?, youre drawings give that impression)

Cilmeron responds:

I think you should draw your own shit first before judging someone else's.. but whatever.. your review sucks and so do you..


That was not very good. Not at all. The people's heads looked like... weird... ugh... The voices were absolutely TERRIBLE. I only gave it a 5 because the Evil Henchmen made me chuckle a bit.


The option to play the movie without the credits doesn't work (at least it didn't for me). You really didn't have any animation in the movie and the voices were so quiet I had to turn my speakers way up, which resulted in the other noises being way too loud.

LOTR in 60 Seconds?

This doesnt really fit the movie since the opening credits took more than a minute to go through. Yeh I know theres that option to view it without them but I mean come on man.

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2.38 / 5.00

Jul 24, 2004
8:14 AM EDT
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