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To put it simply, the puzzles in this game get harder and harder... until, of course, you reach the end. I put a lot of work into this, suprisingly, but for how much stuff it has, I'm suprised it's under 1mb. The atmosphere was made possible by me. Just don't be suprised when you cant finish the next puzzle.

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its hard like u said i feel special i made it past the first level :]
un fortunetly the music gets very annoying

holy crap

congratulation, u have successfully made the world feel a little more stupid. *starts clapping*

The horrors start at midnight
These dreams I cannot escape,
I've tried a million times to fight
But the faces I fear begin to shape.
There is no beginning
There is no end,
All my fears and sinning
Come back to me from way back then.
They take all the goodness
From deep inside of me,
I get nothing back
But the darkness that I keep.
I cannot be free of them
No matter how hard I run,
But they all disapear
With the rising of the sun.
And that's my only talent

Well done

I liked it.... parts of it were confusing as hell, but overall, extremely awesome. The Hyroglyps was actually hard, and honestly, I haven't beaten it yet.... but I'll get there... Perhaps a hint? jk.
One thing that might be useful, a music off button. After restarting about 80 times, it really began to get old... the music at first, however, was actually rather cool.
Again, well done.



I've never reviewed before, lol. So uh. Feel very special. :P
I must say, for the past 30 minutes I have been attempting to get past the "This is very hard..." part. I've started over so many times, that my mouse just automatically moves to where it should go on the levels before that. That probably sounds really pathetic, but I want to seeee what haaappppeeens. Ahahaha. I get determined very easily, you see. This is probably all very ranty and not anything that you want to hear, so sorry. XD; I'm so thoroughly done now.


Lol are my eyes meant to hurt after playing that?, hmm that was really cool and i do see the effort that you have put into this it is really good dude, very hard puzzles coming towards the ending so i just gave up, like all of it was just making me dizzy, great work and great idea!

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3.50 / 5.00

Jul 23, 2004
5:16 PM EDT
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