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Metal Freaks

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*NEW* If you are experiencing slow/laggy game performance while playing online, please download the full .exe version from my official site:

Metal Freaks is a music/rhythm game, inspired by games such as Guitar Freaks and Beatmania IIDX. After selecting a mode and song, notes will travel up the screen, which you press in timing with the music using the left/down/right arrow keys. High-scores and unlocks will only save until you turn the game off unfortunately.

- - SECRETS - -
Extra Stage: Get a 'S' rank on your final stage to play the extra stage, which is done with 2x, reverse, and no recover modifiers.

Bonus Track: Clear the Legendary expert course to unlock the Dragonforce bonus track: My Spirit Will Go On.

UNLOCK CODE - On the title screen, enter the following using the arrow keys to unlock all of the hidden songs/expert courses:

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lower the difficulty or take it down

i literally got hit by a wall of rock band style notes. and the main menu music does not fit

This didn't crash on me,

which seems to be the main complaint of several other people. However, I will admit, the response time seems to be slightly off. I have a pretty good sense of rhythm, so I don't feel as though it was just me.


crashed my computer you dick . someone should make a Marylin Manson game im a satanist

No Reaction

At the beggining, you'd swear you suck at the game, but when you come to realize it the game is having a hard time thinking about whether to give you a good score or fail. The response is a massive lag thatfrustrates anyone with expectations of "finally, a game for metal freaks like me". That lag sux dinosaur ballz. Remove and fix, repost.


LUL...... NO