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White House Rats: Epis. 2

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This episode is called "Oedipus Pres"... it's the second of a series called "White House Rats" that will run through till the election.

I'm making it at www.Toonex.org. What we're trying to do is create a site where people can collaborate on making flash movies. Check it out.

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That George Dubya......
The words that come out of that man's mouth never fail to amaze me.Heres a good example: "We have a saying in texas and it goes fool me once shame on you fool me twice well....you ain't gonna fool me again."


"The campaign slogan will be: Senior for a better world!"
HAHAHA! I'd hate to be Bush when someone pretends to be MY dad..
Migerst: "I can't see ya pop!" He is too stupid....! LOLROFL!
-Drago and Migerst

not too bad

That was pretty funny, the animation was generally good exceot for the way bush looked lol


not as good as gb show though!


Even though I am for Bush, this is pretty funny. Man, I wouldn't want to be him if I had to put up with some rats pretending to be people I know.