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Ok I'm back. This is version 2. Actually watch the film this time. I don't support piracy so I don't wanna here that again. This will be my last submission for a while while I work on my "Candy Bar" project (Now done, and uploaded here at newgrounds) Wish me luck on that. This is my last stab at a newgrounds thing for a while, all I want to do it post "Candy Bar" in the Alpha section. Hohohoho. Enjoy - if you can. This animation was done entirely on a PowerBook laptop with a trackpad - no mouse for me! hehe

UPDATE: Thanks for all the feedback!! :)


nice very accuate

sounds about what happened to me 5 mins ago


That was cool

I was a good documentary.

It was ok but could of used more graphics and a little bettert sound.

LoL @ Mac

It's ducky in the hizouse.
Heh, that's some funny stuff there man. You are the greatest flash character since Eskimo Bob. Keep up the good work.


"I couldn't tell what was going on, I look forward to a good story to go along with the kick-ass graphics." - Steve_Matarazzo's review of Fallen Angel: Teaser.

Notice the use of the hyphen.

Yes, i am still angry you gave such a high review for such a garbage movie.

Now lets talk about YOUR movie..It was very funny considering most of the programs I use and get are all cracked and downloaded off torrents. Kazaa is garbage if youre looking for programs :P...But if youre downloading programs using that old piece of shit Mac you have some problems.

You will also find comedy into reality in this movie. Example being the whole submission process. A rough estimate of the amount of stick figure garbage sent into newgrounds would probably be 75% (my personal estimate). Making this funny. The n00bs never learn.

This is my honest review, no straight 10's for
buddy points ;)

Hahaha, well good luck on your next entrees. See you in the UT2k4 servers :P

steve-matarazzo responds:

<3 U......Why aren't you on UT eh? Still didn't install it? I'll be waiting for you with my Instagib modified shock rifle......... :]

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Jul 19, 2004
5:10 PM EDT
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