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Battle To The Death 2

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Okay, it's been awhile since I've submited anything to newgrounds and I hope this new submition makes up for my long break. This is just my newest addition to my Dragon Ball Zish series. If you haven't seen the original Battle To The Death, I suggest you see it first so everything makes sense when you watch the second one. I suggest watching the first one for plot reasons only, the film itself is pure shit. This new one on the other hand, I put a hell of a lot of effort into it. So, whatever, I'm talking too much. Just enjoy...

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Good, but it could have been better

That was good, better than the first, I found myself liking it, which again was weird considering how much I hate Dragonball Z. Anyway this could have been better, like the sound quality of the voices was poor and the acting could have been better, also it was impossible to hear what the army guy in the helicopter was saying. The scene in the forest should have been longer as you made the kid leave earlier than he should have doen, there should have been a battle in the forest between him and the guards and there should have been too many of them for him and then he should have escaped. On the rooftop when the kid was surrounded by the army guys he started firing beams at them and the others just stood there watching, which just looked ridiculous, they should ahve tried to kill him, to stop him from killing them, instead of just letting him do it. Also the other kid you had at the start, should ahve came back later into the story, but instead he just vanished entirely from the movie, and considering the point to this movies about them two kids he really should have been involved in it. Anyway well done, you made a good Dragonball Z style movie, and your the only flash author I've known to have done it, so seriosuly well done for that, anyway I'm looking forward to seeing part 3 of this series, keep up the good work.


It had no meaning whatsoever, and what the hell happened to the original guy at the very start who got thrown against a rock? But it was still good and the audio rocked. Dragonball is written all over it.

not bad

it was pretty cool, the graphics werent the best but i liked the theme.well.. it does help that im a dragon ball z fan...

P.S. what was song name i really liked it

not bad...

i don't mean to be a downer but.... that wasn't all that good. ok your style is nice but the grafics and sound sucked. i personally do not enjoy dragon... umm Z thingy and well... you have talent but keep improving

P.S: 1 bad thing is that when the spiky haired guy was fighting in the air with the cops/army soldiers he wasn't really hitting them...

midge out ... peace ...


well that was a lot better than the first one i cant wait to find the 3rd one on this godamn mess of a website!

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4.00 / 5.00

May 17, 2001
12:53 AM EDT