Samurai Honour

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My 40th movie.
Worked for about 7 days on this one, roughly 2 hours a day. Expect more from me over my... 7 WEEK HOLIDAY FROM SCHOOL!!!!!!!
I tried to make it as historically accurate as possible, with attention to every little detail... but I know most won't appreciate that so I won't bother saying how much work i put in XD
please review.
I wanna thank NG user harofreak for helping me massively with this movie, go check out his movies they rule!!

this is actually a parody of all shitty samurai movies =)


that was ace

good movie for when your stoned XD
i love you hope you like the comment!

ok then

wasn't too bad...
the final scene between your samurai and that devil thing was pretty undramatic, especially the killing slash

some pretty bad drawings....

choice of music was good but you ruined the tenchu music with your character 'riding' through the forest it looked rather dodgy..I think youve got potential and I really liked some of the art such as the close up of the archer...but other parts like the blood when they died and the crookedness of your characters arms when he held his sword made it look wrong and discredited the rest of your drawing which wasnt too bad you know!


hey ya know dat wasent bad and i love that music from tenchu 3 and tenchu return from darkness anyways i think if you spend more time on a flash it would look fuckin kool


not bad

well i think it was alright. was it really a weasel? looked like a horse lol.
anyways, good job =)

wallpaperman responds:

no, i was making fun of the other idiot =)

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2.70 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2004
3:27 PM EDT
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